Want to be Happier? Stop Scheduling

A recent study found that we actually have more fun when we are spontaneous versus scheduling fun time. For a type-A like me this was hard to accept so I really dug in to read what these researchers found and it was a big Ah-Ha. Why? Because when we schedule fun our mind does what it does, it files it as a to-do. And what fun is that?

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The researchers note that, "the focus on productivity is so widespread that people even strive to make leisure productive and brag about being busy.” Sound familiar? Think picture perfect Instagram and Facebook acounts.

Eileen Fein Events

In addition to adding spontaneity into our lives, another piece of advice the researchers offered is to stop trying to fit so MUCH into our lives. Think quality over quantity. And the greatest way to do this is connection with other people. Just get together anywhere and start talking and walking and end up'll be happier because of it!

Eileen Fein events

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