Things to Do this Long Weekend!

How it is Memorial Weekend!?! Let's first pause to give honor and thanks to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to stand up for what they believe our country is all about. And, let's send love out to their families, who still live with the loss of that sacrifice everyday, not just this weekend.

Next, here are three uplifting things for you to do this holiday weekend! Check out my FB Live Feed to hear what they are!

To summarize, here are the three uplifting things I'm asking you to:

1. Listen to my I Remember with Eileen Fein podcast episode with Step Dreyer, "You are Stronger Than You Think" and be inspired. In my FB Live I talk about how she is doing after having a lung removed yesterday, and how she gave me the ultimate gift this morning (that's your next thing to do!) Then donate to the LAM Foundation if you can!

2. Listen to one of my Just Breathe with Eileen Fein podcast episodes - yes, make 15 minutes over the next three days to care for yourself! - and then download my FREE Breathwork Worksheet and write a thank you DM, text, voice text, voicemail, actual phone call to the person in your moment of connection. Step did it for me from her hospital bed this morning after having a lung removed yesterday! So, no excuses for you, my friend. Plus, think of how good it will make them (and you) feel this weekend! Oh, that so and so is SUCH a nice person!

3. GET ME PEOPLE!.... with good stories for my I Remember podcast! I'm looking for storytellers! A moment of connection that helped you or someone you know move past a challenging time that brought up fear and helped you start living your biggest lives! I bet someone already popped up into you mind! DM me on Facebook or on my Instagram account and let's get the process going.

And that's it, my friend!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that our purpose in life is connection. So be kind to yourself and others!

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