The 4 Steps to Success

We tell our children that they're special and that they can be anything they want to be; and that’s true. It's also true that maybe our purpose on this planet isn’t to just feel we are special, maybe it's to see what we’re made of and how we can use it to reach that next level of success in life and maybe change the world. Something to think about as we end 2019 and look into the possibility of a new year!

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One of the greatest feelings comes from failing and realizing how strong you are when you pick yourself up and start again. Overcoming struggles, persisting, and turning all that into fuel instead of letting it break you, those are the steps to success that we need to teach our children.

Here are 4 steps I recommend your take to reach your next level of success in life, whatever that may be:

1. Stop Complaining and Start Doing!

Instead of talking about what you should do and the way the world should be, do something!

Doers make change happen for themselves and for others. Doers don’t have time to think about what they should or shouldn’t do. They just know something has to start if something is going to change. It may not be perfect but it is change and change is the first step. Doers take that first step either on their own or they gather information and experience from other people who have been down a similar path and they act.

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2. Be Your Own Superhero

When you try to do something that is going to make a difference, without doubt you will face one obstacle after another and I believe the bigger the thing is the bigger the obstacles. So expect it. Don’t let it surprise you or depress you. Realize that it is just part of the journey and get move forward.

Realize that you have superpowers that can help you move forward - things that most people don't think of when you thing of a superhero but they really are the things that can change the world. Things like loyalty, empathy, courage. So, what are your superpowers and how can you use them to help you get past all the obstacles you will face?

And, please know that you don't have to do it alone. The world is filled with other people who have their own superpowers that could be very helpful for defeating your latest obstacle.

3. Get the Answer You Need

Deep down we’re the common denominator of all our problems, but it’s hard to face. Why? Because it means we’re the ones who have to change our situations. And if we don’t change our situations, we can only blame ourselves. Nobody wants to think they’re the only real barrier to their own success, happiness, and well-being. It’s easier to blame someone or something else.

Now that doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a person, like the rest of us. So, welcome to the club of humanity. Instead of feeling bad about it, be open and through that vulnerability connect with other people that have faced all kinds of problems. Listen to their stories and you will get the answer you need, because again, deep down all of us are the same in thinking we are not good enough.

4. Start Now

Are you a, “well, once I get to this point I’ll be ready” kind of person.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? For things to be just perfect?

You do realize that time will pass while you are waiting for that perfect moment, which will never come because perfection is not real. Perfection is just a way to reinforce the belief you have that you are not good enough. You know that, right?

Do you know that, Richard Branson has dyslexia and teachers labeled him learning disabled as a child — he’s a billionaire. Jon Morrow — a man who cannot move anything below his neck — owns a multi-million dollar blog with a viewership of millions per month. Are they not good enough?

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Any excuse you have in your head that someone told you a long time ago and you have told yourself over and over that you are not good enough because of xxx is just not true. You were given the gift of breath that has kept your heart beating since the second you came into this world until the second you leave it.

Something thought you were good enough to have that breath, of being here for some purpose. So forget all that other stuff that came from people who were told the same lies of not being good enough. You breath is proof that you are good enough, so start now!

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Listen, you can wait for the world to change, and for things to be perfect and the right moment to arrive, or you can make your world what you want it to be by starting now and doing something.

Listen to my Just Breathe with Eileen Fein podcast to learn more about how your breath can help you take each of the four steps I've given and get going!