The 3 Secrets to Living a Long and Happy Life

In Dan Buettner's TED Talk, “How to Live to Be 100+,” he talked about the lifestyle traits of people who live the longest on this planet. Other than genetics what secret do these people hold? Dan believes is it "ikigai", which means "the reason for which you wake up in the morning. So how do you find your ikigai?

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Ikigai is as individual as each person, who must find their own reason, their own purpose in life that goes beyond titles and success, things that change and often fade as we grow older.

I believe to find your ikigai you must:

1. Give yourself the gift of compassion and be open to who you have been and who you are at this very moment.

2. Live in the present not the past or the future.

3. Recognize joy in the smallest of things. This can only happen when you are open and present.

These things are so simple, yet to most of us they are nearly impossible as we judge ourselves harshly, hold onto our past as if it will change if we keep reliving it, think that our fullest life is yet to come and miss the sparkles of joys that shine in front of us each moment because we are so busy being busy.

So if that is the problem what is the answer? How you can find your ikigai?

Your breath.

Your breath is the greatest gift you have been given. It has sustained you without thought since the day you were born. You were given this breath because you are worthy of it. So start using it consciously, and give yourself the gift of compassion, live in the present and recognize joy in the smallest of things.

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