Stuck at Home? Meditation for Kids

Updated: Apr 24

If you are working from home and home schooling your kids here is a simple, fun meditation that you will all love. It will make your kids feel like a super hero while calming them down, and what's better than that in a time when they need to feel powerful, safe and calm.

I highly recommend you build this meditation into you day too as it is a good way to stay grounded during this uncertain time. I call it the Super Kid Meditation but it's really known as Samantha meditation with a Palm Chakra twist. Chakras hold a lot of energy as they major nerve centers in the body.

I love working with all the body's Chakras as they provide a great focus for a meditation's intention. It's said that left hand's palm Chakra helps in receiving energy and the right hand's palm Chakra helps sending energy. Once you try this meditation you'll see what I mean. It will help you feel the power that lives inside you. A power that also lives in everyone else and connects us, even when we are socially distanced.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and have all the resources you need. Keep love at the center of everything you do.

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