How to Stop Feeling Like a Bad Mom

Today's Just Breathe with Eileen fein podcast episode is about how to stop feeling like a bad mom. Oh, this is a big one because “bad” means different things to different people, but the end feeling is pretty much the same. Heartbreaking disappointment in one’s self. An answer of "no" to the question, "Do I deserve this child?" It is one of the biggest fears I believe we all have.

But on the other side of our biggest fears lives our biggest life. And in this case, that is unconditional love. Love that accepts you for all your mistakes when you practice honesty, accountability and forgiveness. That is how you stop feeling like a bad mom. Stop trying to be perfect.

Remember, children learn by our actions not just our words. Though the power of your breath today you will give yourself the gift of forgiveness and the strength of accountability and honesty so you can in turn give it to your children.  

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