How to Spark Joy in Your Life

If you’ve “kondo’ed” your apartment in an effort to “spark joy” some time in the last three or so years, you know exactly who I’m talking about: Thirty-four-year-old organizing lovely guru Marie Kondo.

She has revolutionized the meaning of “tidying,” transforming it from a chore into a vehicle for changing your life (not joke, the title of Kondo’s best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up promises this!) Her philosophy has sparked more than just joy, though, generating everything from memes to think pieces to — recently — a Netflix special, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Which I LOVE.

Eileen Fein Meditation Coach Studio

After watching two episodes, I immediately understood why she is the object of just as much fascination as her signature method. She is so centered, grounded, and radiantly curious. She has an aura that just radiates joy.

And, of course, because of this she has also been at the spark of a lot of criticism by people who love their stuff and think she is just being a clean freak.

Yet if you really listen to her, her tone, her intention with each client, and watch how she transforms people's lives, I believe you should examine your criticism as it may be a reflection of your own fear of letting go of all that is holding you back...clutter in your life is clutter in your mind; and a cluttered mind has no room for change, curiosity and connection to the present versus the past.

She believes, "It’s important to bring each and every item you own out and touch it. If it’s difficult for you to connect with your sense of joy when holding your belongings, I suggest starting with an item you really love – and then compare the feeling you have holding each subsequent item to the feeling you had when you held your favorite item.

Sometimes you will experience impulsive, fleeting joy when you encounter an item; other times it’s more of an enduring, lifetime joy. Both serve a purpose. The important thing is to be aware of the difference. "

Eileen Fein Meditation Coach

I support her approach as it supports clarity and connection, the true meaning of life. Treat yourself to watching her Netflix show to be inspired and then listen to my Just Breathe with Eileen Fein podcast to get learn how to spark joy in your life.