How to Live Mindfully

In today's Just Breathe with Eileen Fein podcast episode, I am focusing on how to live mindfully through Breathwork meditation. The goal of mindfulness is to be aware of exactly what our experience is in the moment we are experiencing it. It is learning through to compassionately make a space for what we are thinking and feeling.  

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Being mindful doesn't mean disconnecting or withdrawing from our emotions, it just puts them in perspective. This can include noticing when we are minds are racing, or an awareness of joy, sadness, anxiety or grief.  This is where intention is so important. Our intention in mindfulness is to notice and with self-compassion choose which thoughts we will continue to think and which ones we will let go of.

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I have found that the focused breathing we do in Breathwork is an incredible tool to achieve mindfulness, and the ultimate goal, fulfillment. With just one breath we can gently hold our experience with patience and compassion, and choose which thoughts and feelings we wish to hold onto and which ones we wish to let go of. In this one breath we can be mindful and present to what this moment is looking to give us.

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