Are You Addicted to Chaos?

You want less stress and more time for self-care but are you addicted to chaos? Chaos keeps you busy and the busier you are the more you can avoid taking a look around and asking the big question. Is this where I want to be?

Purse with clutter

To find out if you are addicted to chaos ask yourself these two simple questions when you are making a choice:

1. Will this give me energy and a sense of purpose or did it just add to the chaos?

2. Will this keep me from being present with the people I care about in the real world?

Sometimes the answer will be "no", because life is busy, BUT if the answer "no" starts stacking up, you need to realize that you are CREATING chaos in your life and that there is a way out. Ironically, it's the word, "no."

Yet, to say no you need to have boundaries that are based on what you value and what is the line that you will not cross. So, what if you don't know how to say no or know what you value because you have been living in chaos so long it's your world?

Working desk with iPhone and coffee

Try these two things to help you find out what you value and make decisions that give you positive energy versus chaos.

1. Listen to my Just Breathe with Eileen Fein podcast episode How to Set Boundaries to help you figure out what it is that you value.

2. Do a breath check-in before you give an answer to the next decision that crosses your path. What's a breath check-in? Take a deep inhale, and then a long exhale and check in with how you are breathing and how your body feels. Is your breath shallow and your body tense? Then you probably have enough on your plate and need to be careful about what else you are taking on.

Just Breathe with Eileen Fein Podcast

Life is busy, that can't be helped, but having a chaotic life doesn't mean you are successful, it means you are missing the life you should be living. So stop, breathe and choose based on what gives you positive energy and an empowered life.