4 Things Happy People Do

So you want to be happy? Happiness isn’t something you arrive at once you achieve something; it’s a choice and a habit you work on EVERYDAY! It starts from the minute you wake you up - what is your intention for that day? what are you thinking about yourself? Are you already walking down the path of gloom and feel the walls closing in before you even get out of bed?

Here are 4 things that happy people do everyday to stay on the path to happiness. They are not complicated but they may seem hard to do at the beginning because although you THINK you want to be happy you are use to the familiar...stress.

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1. Have an Optimistic Outlook

This is all about intention - before your feet hit the ground say in your head, this is how this day is going to be, this is what my purpose is for this day...then go and do it with zest and joy. Life is going to through you curves but you get to decide how you choose to see and react. Think Superhero!

2. Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Stay in your lane - it's all you can control. Social media has made this very hard to do because everyone's life looks so perfect. But there is no perfect. Everyone struggles, everyone has pain, everyone has doubt. That picture is just a picture. Focus on your own picture - what is right in front of you right now and make the most of it!

3. Practice Gratitude

Fear and all its nasty cousins have a hard time living in the light of gratitude. Even if all you can think of is...."I have this breath at this moment," that is a lot! It means you are alive and can receive what the universe is giving you as an opportunity to learn...even if it brings suffering. Be grateful and see what shows up next moment.

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4. Make Self-Care a Priority

Happy people take care of themselves! They make their mental health a priority and decide what is important to keep them grounded in what they value. So make a list of what you can delegate, what you can automate and what you can get rid of from your calendar so you have the time to slow down and do whatever gives you peace and joy. That should include meditation, going to bed at a set time, learning something from a book or podcast exercise. Self-care can change throughout the year, just as your life does. Just remember it is based on being kind to yourself. That can only lead to happiness!

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