3 Ways to Feel Alive Each Day

Although the term "follow your passion" seems to be the newest answers to finding your purpose, I believe the secret to finding you purpose is connection. Connection is what makes us feel alive. Here are three ways you can experience connection - in the real world not online - each day.

Colored Pencils.

“I have no special talent. I am passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein

1. Stay Curious

Stay curious and practicing a skill you haven't used in years, listening. That means not just waiting for your turn to talk in a conversation. It means hearing someone, asking a question and then waiting for an answer. Then go crazy and ask another question based on their answer. See where the discussion goes, what you learn can help you can connect the dots about experiences you may have been holding in your heart for a long time...and boom you feel alive.

2. Go Outside your Comfort Zone

That means watching a video, listening to podcast or reading articles and books about topics that don't always agreeing with your opinion or speak to a hobby you like. It means being curious about how other people are exploring new ideas, even ones you don't agree with, so you can stimulate your mind and be able to have informed decisions that support connection with people - in the real world through conversations! Conversations lead to connection and connection is what helps us remember we are not alone, even if it's not agreeing with someone at least you used you voice. And, again, boom you feel alive.


3. Keep It Simple

Do you need to do BIG things to feel like you are catching up on all the lost moments of not being present or area you a to-do-list person to catch on life? Stop. Make a list of what you would really like to do if you had an open day or afternoon. I bet those things are probably pretty simple.

“Hack away at the unessential. Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” — Bruce Lee

Spending time outside, being with your family doing close to nothing - maybe going for a walk, or a bike ride, or just chilling and playing a board game or reading a book. All these things support connection and connection is what give us strength and joy and help us feel alive.

Palm Tree

So what do all these things? Because we have become so conditioned to live through 10 second segments of connection across the internet that do no demand us really showing up and leave us feeling alone on our couch... and this is not being alive. This is just living. People need connection. We need each other. It's our purpose.