Expand the Joy of Your Childhood Snow Globe

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Vintage Snow Globe West Elm

In my latest podcast episode of I Remember, I talk about my belief in the power of our breath to expand the joy that lives inside our childhood snow globe.

Do you have a snow globe of your childhood? One that leaves out all the bad stuff and just captures a tiny picture of all the good stuff from when you were young?

A globe that you can shake and have play perfectly the same over and over in your mind whenever you need to feel safe?

This is the courtyard of our old apartment building. It’s lovely, right? We had a one bedroom apartment with no central air, no dishwasher and no washer/dryer, but we loved it.

Courtyard with with palm trees

And, it turns out to be my 5-year old daughter’s snow globe.

I started my own consulting business in our old apartment, we had our wedding in that apartment, we brought our daughter home from the hospital to that apartment, my Mom and Dad gave Olivia her first bath in that apartment.

We had neighbors stopping in to say hello all the time because we faced the courtyard and Olivia was always at the window waving.

Little Girl at Window

I used the courtyard as her playground and hosted her first and second birthday parties there with all the neighbors and their kids, before everyone moved on and we moved on too.

We wanted a bigger place so her friends to come over to play. Her bedroom in old place was the dining room! And having no washer/dryer was getting old.

So we moved last year, just one block away to a two bedroom with all the amenities. Yet, all Olivia talked about is how she wanted to move back. And I couldn’t understand why? You have your own room, I would say, and you can have your friends over now.

And then, this past weekend she turned to me and said, “everything is different now. Everything is changing and it makes me sad.”

Wow. Pause. Wisdom moment from a 5-year old.

It made me realize that it wasn’t that she didn’t like our new place. What she missed was the connection of our old place.

The connection we had with our neighbors, who made her feel like she was the center of their world, and the connection we had as a family by having to living in a one-bedroom apartment. You are always together when there is nowhere to go!

And that made me realize, beyond how much I love my kid, how grateful I am for that time, that courtyard and that tiny apartment because it gave my daughter the snow globe of her childhood that will always be perfect for her no matter what else comes along in her life.

I Remember with Eileen Fein

I believe through the power of our breath we can tap into memories of love, joy and peace that can expand our snow globes and make us feel our own truth — that we are seen, special and safe.

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