How to Stop Self-Sabotage with Breathwork

Today’s Just Breathe with Eileen Fein podcast is about how to stop self-sabotage. Some people may be blessed to not have this monster living in their closet, but most of us do.

It’s the push back you give when you feel that you do not deserve the love you are receiving, when you shatter what could be easily fixable, or when you do something to make yourself feel even worse than you already do because bad just isn’t bad enough for you.

Broken Heart Art

This is self-sabotage and it is fed by fear.

Yet, through the gift of your breath, you have the ability take a step back and create a space of stillness where fear cannot live because your breath is telling you that you are safe.

In this safe still space, you can be mindful of what you are feeling, and with each breath, let go of what fear has told you is true and let in the real truth in - that you are worthy, that you are lovable, that you are whole.

Just Breathe with Eileen Fein Podcast

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