Don't Make Decisions from a Place of Fear

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

That includes deciding NOT to do something because you are afraid it won’t be perfect. Today I did my first FB live feed...with no lipstick! And then I promoted it on IGTV!

It was way too long but I did it despite being afraid and if it helps even just one person today then Woo Hoo!!!! And you know what? OhJoy! gave me a like for doing it!

So forgive me for my self congratulations and promotion but I share this because I hope in sharing it gives you the courage to just get started too! You only learn who you are by trying and maybe failing, but failing greatly.

Mother and Daughter Rock Climbing

Please check it out on my Breathe with Eileen Fein FB and Eileen Fein IGTV pages with the wish that it gives you the courage to live beyond fear.

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