How to Let Go of People with Breathwork

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Today’s Just Breathe with Eileen Fein mini Breathwork meditation is about letting go of people that are no longer healthy to have in your life. This is a tough one but very important because having people in your life that are not supportive, not giving as much as they are taking or not listening to your needs is toxic. These could be friendships you have had for years, romantic relationships that have ended but you just haven't let the final string go, or old work relationships that no longer support the journey you are taking.

Girl looking into the distance

Through whatever role these people have come to play in your life, they are feeding your ego's belief that you are not enough. You must let go of these people to create a space for love to grow. You must let go of the relationship because it has lived its purpose and now has its own path to follow.

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So breathe, and know what you are already whole without these people and that you already have everything you need, waiting inside of you.

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