Follow Your Passion! A Journey of Fulfillment

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

On this Valentine's Day I wanted to introduce you to an inspirational person in my life, Mireille Fournier, who is an embodiment of living a journey of fulfillment by following your passion not your fears.

Mireille is a California based Swiss-born artist, a journeying world traveler in body and in spirit. She has tasted true diversity in colors and facets by spending parts of her life in many places: from Germany to Tahiti and the South Seas, to South America and Australia.

Mireille also derived inspiration from people, characters and life stories through her remarkable career as an acclaimed massage therapist to high profile clientele in Hollywood and from around the globe.

Her passion for life, love, and friendship has always sought and found expression through artisan ways with the decor, food, plants, crafts and even relationships. Once her talent touched brush and canvas, the way was paved.

Woman with Horse Mireille Fournier

Mireille is fully devoted to her growth and exploration of the visual arts in various styles and techniques. She enjoys exploring a range of painting styles in realism, impressionism, and abstract with oils, pastels, charcoal and pencil drawing.

The inspiration for her work is derived not only from the many places to which she has lived, traveled and the experiences gained with varying world cultures, but also from the special moments of everyday life, which include raising a son with autism.

Hummingbird Painting Mireille Fournier

I feel very blessed to know Mireille and am constantly inspired by her joy, talent and beautiful spirit. I invite you to check out her work!

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