Falling Back into the Hand of Grace - When Certitude Wins Against Fear

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Images, stories and the acrid smell of destruction are hanging in the air in Los Angeles today, telling the tale of the fires that are burning a path through the lives of loved ones, communities, animals and nature.

California Fires

A powerful photo I saw on Instagram (photo credit unknown) of a lone horse standing regally amidst a scorched Malibu background gave me great pause. As I looked into the eyes of this beautiful creature, I felt grace and certitude. I do not know the back story of what this horse endured, or what sacrifice and risk firefighters and individuals made to bring this horse to a place of temporary safety, but the strength and certainty that laid within this horse's glance touched me. I felt a connection, as if I myself had fallen back into the hand of grace that held this animal in its care and the certainty that all would be well, despite the flames of fear that had pushed it literally to the ocean's edge.

California Fires

It made me pause to reflect on times in my life I had faced fear and felt this kind of grace. A certainty that help me rise above fear. Much like what this horse must have experienced before pulling upon all is was made of to move forward, I too had to stand back, look over the cliff of fear and decide to trust and fall back into the hand of grace to save me from that which seemed bigger than me.

As we work through the next weeks in supporting the continuing battle and the rebuilding of our communities I ask you to think of your moments of fear and surrender to grace - When did the certitude of grace help you move past fear? What did you learn? Where did it lead you?

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California Fires

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California Fires

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