How Love Can Save You

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

In today's I Remember podcast, I talk with with Lesley Wolff, founder and teacher of the Fresh Faces Stand Up Comedy Workshop, who can be found helping people enjoy themselves and making them laugh at the World Famous Hollywood Improv.

Named "the Comic Fluffer" by LA Weekly's Top 100 people, Lesley creates a fun nurturing environment for people to showcase their work, and has helped so many people over the years find their comedic voice.

Listen to our conversation, and journey back to a year when every day became opposite day for Lesley, and her connection to funny was cut off. Hear her share, very openly, her experience of postpartum depression and how the people in her life, and a burrito, helped her find her way back to herself. Check out Lesley's latest show at the Improv on October 7th. Contact her at to get on the list!

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