Honoring 9/11 Sons of Valor

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Power Breathwork Podcast

Today we mark the 17th anniversary of 9/11. For those of us who were adults at that time, this day still makes us pause, remember and grieve. But for younger generations who followed, like other national days of remembrance, I believe this day is losing its human dimension. In this week's I Remember Podcast I talk with 30-year veteran and retired FDNY lieutenant, James J O'Donnell, about his time at Ground Zero and the days, weeks and years that followed September 11, 2001.

Freedom Tower

Lean back and journey back to a time when the world shifted in trauma, and first responders working in the bubble of Ground Zero found solace and connection in the outreach and prayers of the world. Also hear about how a group of parents moved past anger to honor their sons of valor through public service.

I Remember with Eileen Fein Podcast

As we say we will never forget, I urge you to read Jame's book, Sons of Valor, Parents of Faith, found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, to find inspiration and help future generations understand the human factor of that day - how those who lost their lives did so in service and how the world showed up to honor them. Visit to learn more about James O'Donnell and his work.

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