Panic Attacks and Breathwork: How Breath Can Stop the Spiral

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

A panic attack is a real and frightening experience where anxiety triggers our mind, which triggers the release of stress hormones, which trigger reactions in our body like increased heart rate, sweating, rising blood pressure, change in body temperature, which further feeds anxiety...and down and down the spiral you go.

Power Breathwork

Since I've entered peri-menopause I have started to experience panic attacks in the middle of the night. For no reason, I wake up in the dark and cannot breathe. It feels as if I am drowning, my hands sliding down the side of a spiraling slide, and wonder if I need call 9-1-1 so I can breathe. In addition to talking with a medical professional about the best treatment approach for why you are experiencing these attacks, I have found that your breath is actually your best partner to help you stop the spiral. The very thing you feel you cannot do is the thing that can save you.

Just Breathe with Eileen Fein Podcast

In my Just Breath with Eileen Fein podcast you will learn a simple but powerful breathing technique you can use when you feel an attack coming on, or when you are going to be in a situation where you have had an attack in the past. I hope it helps to bring you peace.

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