New Year Meditation: Supporting Change

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

It's a countdown to the new year and an opportunity to start fresh! In our New Year Meditation video we address the barriers we face when looking to make change - fear, anger, resentment - and the power of our breath to help us break through and find connection to our purpose.

To be who we are we must first accept what we are - human - and although technology has advanced at a rapid pace over the past few decades, our physiology has remained the same. Our primitive brains are still negatively biased to protect us from threats, and change, any kind of change, is seen by our brains as a threat.

Thankfully, our breath also has a primitive power. When we focus on our breathing we can switch our brains into a relaxed mode where fear, anger and resentment can be released and change can occur. We use this amazing power of our breath to quiet our minds, let go of the past and open our hearts to the opportunity of today.

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