How To Survive Success: Breathing with Max Strom

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I recently attended a breath workshop at YogaWorks with the wonderful Max Strom where he asked, "in a time when success is measured by how much you have, how "liked" you are, and for many, how busy and stressed you are, can we survive success?" I found this question to be profound in its simplicity and truth. If we are to not only achieve, but also survive our success, we must first look at how we are defining success.

Max Strom Breath to Heal

As Max shares in his TEDx Cape May Talk, talking about breathing seems like a counter intuitive subject. We don't talk about it because it is something we do without thought - like blinking or digesting. Yet intentional breathing can help us change the way we feel. Our breath has the unique power of switching our body's nervous system from a state of stress to one of relaxation. This switch is no small thing as it blocks the production of stress hormones that affect heart rate, blood pressure and ovulation.

In Breathwork we use our breath to quiet our minds, breath through stress and create a space where joy, love and peace can come back into our hearts. When we are connected to these universal truths we are connected to our purpose.

Power Breathwork Eileen Fein

That's when the right things start showing up. That's when decisions are easy to make and success can be easily defined because it is being measured to a different set of standards - joy, love and peace. Success that feeds us rather than destroys us. Success we can survive and flourish in.

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