How to Ground Yourself in Peace

California Fires

As I write this, the city I have come to love and call home, Los Angeles, is being ravaged by fires over the past week. Normal has been turned upside down. A feeling of disbelief and fear is being carried through the city as fast as the winds carry hot ambers. It is at this time, when are children are reading our body language, and our communities need our support that we must ground ourselves in peace and tap into the power of our breath.

In Breathwork, we use our breath to quiet our mind, which is fed by the news, social media and good meaning friends who are panicking over the "what ifs". We break through the stress of the known and unknown we hold in our bodies, and create a space where peace can shine through and help us feel connection to that which is bigger than us. That which connects us to each other and our community. Love. Peace. Joy. It is through these things, and the connection they bring, that we find the clarity and strength to face the present with the certainty of peace.

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