How to Work Through Infertility Grief

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

If you are working through infertility issues, hope and grief, like two sides of a coin, are going to be part of your journey. And, just as it is important to be hopeful with each cycle, it is also important to work through the grief each failed try can bring, or your grief will compound and expand.

Infertility Grief

Close to 50 years ago, Dr Elisabeth Kubler Ross coined the five stages of grief in her book, “On Death and Dying.” These five stages include:

1. Denial Stage - The "Everything is fine, the doctor is wrong, the lab is wrong" stage.

2. Anger Stage - The "Why is this happening to me? How did she get pregnant so fast? Why didn't my partner want to try earlier? Why didn't I take better care of myself?" stage.

3. Bargaining Stage - The "I will read everything and do everything right, and promise to be the best person" stage.

4. Depression - The “I’m never going to have a baby so what’s the point?” stage.

5. Acceptance - The "I am going to be okay" stage. In this stage you are reclaiming your identify and life, and exploring all your options.

Grief specialists have found that these stages aren't linear. People experiencing any kind of loss can find themselves moving in and out of these phases at different times during their grief. What is important is to recognize your grief so you can experience it, work through it and get to the stage of acceptance.

Just Breathe with Eileen Fein Podcast

In Breathwork we tap into the power of breath to help people quiet their minds, and release the anger, pain and disappoint they have been holding inside. In the open space we create, we bring in moments of joy, peace and love back into their hearts. It is this release and connection to joy, peace and love that helps people move through their stages of grief to a place of acceptance. With this renewed peace that comes with acceptance, clients find the strength to reclaim their lives and make whatever decisions they need to make next.

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