How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Young woman with blue eyes, freckles and glowing skin

When you are stressed, it shows. Literally. Stress triggers your body to release stress hormones that pull circulation away from your skin towards muscles and organs that can help it escape from what it perceives as threats – traffic, debt, social media.

As we stay in this state of constant stress, our skin, deprived of oxygen and nutrients that good circulation provides, becomes hyper-sensitive and issues like acne flare up and the glow of our youth fades.

But research shows that it is possible to get glowing skin with meditation like Breathwork.

Young woman with glowing complexion

Our breath has the unique power to speak a language our body and mind can both understand. In Breathwork we tap into this power to quiet the mind and shift our nervous system from fight-or-flight (the sympathetic nervous system) to a peaceful state (the parasympathetic nervous system.)

This shift calms our mind, relaxes our blood vessels and increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood back to our skin. In this calm and open state of mind we invite joy, love and peace into our hearts, which can support the ultimate glow in life – connection to your purpose.

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