How to Get More Joy In Your Life

Updated: Apr 19

Our brains are hard-wired for negativity. A vacation, party or average day can be filled with wonderful experiences but the one thing we will remember most clearly, and ruminate over for years, is the flight that was delayed, the sideways insult we received or a run in with a co-worker. It’s called negative bias and although it helped us survive for thousands of years against real threats, today, the constant barrage of perceived threats we take in can reshape our brains and can change our nervous systems for the worse. So how do you get more joy in your life when your brain is working against you?

Thankfully, our brains have plasticity and can be reshaped by the positive that surrounds us each day. Psychologist, Rick Hanson, author of Hardwiring for Happiness, writes that with focus and intensity, we can weave positive experiences into the fabric of our brain.

In Breathwork, we use the power of breath to quiet our mind and break through the anger, fear and pain we have stored in our memories and bodies. In this safe space, we open our hearts and focus our energy on moments of love, joy and peace in our lives. We then use our tools to build upon these experiences and pull them into our everyday lives. This includes focusing on the small positive experiences that occur through our day – like seeing the moon in the middle of the day, or having a delicious meal and a good laugh with a friend.

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