How to Reduce Anxiety in Minutes

Our brains are programmed to protect us, to help us survive against anything it perceives as a threat to our livelihood. Thousands of years ago that threat had teeth and claws and was chasing us. Today, that threat is an ignored post, a client that hasn’t paid, or the endless chatter of doom on cable news.

When we are constantly on alert, our sympathic nervous systems go into hyper-drive and we become trapped in a emotional loop of fear. This loop feeds secondary emotions like anxiety.

Anxiety is an isolating emotion that is based on fear. It cuts us from love, joy, passion and a sense of connection - to ourselves and each other. Without these things life is just existing. So, how can we break this anxiety, and bring connection and purpose back into our lives?

Our breath...and it can happen in minutes.

Just Breathe with Eileen Fein Podcast


We all breath, unconsciously, all day long. But in a state of anxiety those breaths are short and shallow. Breathwork meditation is a conscious deep, rhythmic breathing that provides an engaging and active practice for those with busy mind that feed anxiety. When we focus on our breath, and take slow, deep, conscious breaths that fill our belly and chest, our parasympathetic nervous system puts its foot on the brake of emotions like fear and anxiety and we calm down.

Listen to my Just Breathe with Eileen Fein podcast to learn more about how this simple, yet powerful meditation technique can help you break through stress in minutes and live a mindful life.