About Me

Hi there! I'm Eileen Fein. For years, I've been serving people who are yearning to break free from stress and feel grounded in their lives. It's simpler than you think. Once you find the meditation style that fits your day so you can build a practice that fits your life.

Why is this important? 

According to the American Institute of Stress, 55% of Americans are stressed during the day. In fact, 57% of those who experience stress are paralyzed by it.  Sound like you?  It sure sounds like me not too long ago! 


What, you?

Yep, not too long ago my cortisol was twice as high as it should be...while I was sleeping! Even me, someone who teaches meditation was still stressed ...while asleep! You know why?   

Even though I thought I had it all under control my body was telling the truth. And during the night, instead of resting and recharging I was having a panic attack in my sleep and waking up exhausted.  I had a career, a marriage,

a beautiful daughter...and a high chance of not making it much longer they way I was going. 

I had to step back quick and figure out how all the things I knew could help me break this cycle. So I took a look at how I was meditating and when I was meditating, and what I learned is that meditation isn't one-size fits all. 

Do you need energy in the morning?

There's a meditation for that.

Do you need to get perspective and be present?  

There's a meditation for that.

Do you need to unplug to get good sleep?

There's a meditation for that.

Once I Realized This It Call Came Together!

I re-built meditation into my life using the style that fit what I needed and it saved me. Since then I've made it my mission to help as many people as I can find the meditation that fits their day so they can build a practice that fits their lives...and find the happiest version of themselves along the way.

So, what else about me?

I'm a New York City girl who set down roots in LA more than a decade ago and never looked back.  I've been featured in First for Women magazine and am a Breathwork meditation expert on Marriage.com.


I haven't always been a Breathwork meditation coach, but looking back, every step I took put me on the path to this place.  I have a BA in psychology from SJU and a Master's of Science in Nutrition from NYU and have served as a

patient advocate for more than twenty years. I'm trained in Breathwork meditation and have studied at 

UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center.


When I'm not busy teaching can find me chasing after my 7 year-old daughter, cuddled up with my family watching Netflix or on the search for the best taco in Los Angeles.

Please Note

The information on this website and all our Breathwork resources do not constitute professional medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis or services. 

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