Hey there!

I'm Eileen Fein

I'm a Breathwork Meditation coach, wife and LA mom with NYC roots who has big dreams to help people

like you live a stress free life.


A life where you know 

your worth and your boundaries.

Work with me to get there.


Pay pre-session via Venmo or PayPal

Sessions held via Skype, Facetime or phone

24-hour cancellation policy

What is Breathwork Meditation?

Do you want to live a stress free life?

A life where you don't feel so overwhelmed?

A life where your mind, body & spirit feel connected, clear and strong?

This is all possible through the gift of your breath.

When you focus your breath and breathe deeply into your belly a wonderful

thing occurs.  A nerve inside your diaphragm sends a signal

to your brain that you are safe and your nervous system switches

- immediately - from stress to relaxation.

In this quiet, still space you can let go of the past

and begin the process of knowing your worth and boundaries. 

With this knowledge you can begin your journey to a stress free life.

Let me help you on this journey through the power of Breathwork.

Together, we will get you there.

Listen to My Podcasts



I am so blessed to host two podcasts -

Just Breathe with Eileen Fein &

I Remember with Eileen Fein.

Just Breathe teaches the power of Breathwork while I Remember teaches the power of connection.

Two sides of the same coin.

A stress free life of purpose.

Be Inspired and Live Stress-Free!

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